Post Wall Splat Option Select Oki Option

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Post Wall Splat Option Select Oki Option

Postby ando1184 » July 14th, 2017, 11:58 am

So after a wall splat I have been doing db2 to knock the opponent Face Down Head Towards. Well on stages where the wall splat isn't "dead on" and at a slight angle, i've noticed that the camera pans and my db2 input instead turns into a crouching d2. At first i thought this was a complete bummer, but is in fact a reliable option select that can result into a sideways combo. Anyway, here's the scenario: iW, db2 (turns into a d2 and floats opponent), WS 32, qcf2. This guarantees a ground hit ff4 if inputted fast enough. That's the combo you go into if your db2 gets turned into a crouching 2 since the camera shifts. Thought I'd share this since I haven't seen it posted on TZ or ATP or anywhere else.

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