Making Consistent Tournament/Player Matches That Newcomers And Veterans Can Find

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Making Consistent Tournament/Player Matches That Newcomers And Veterans Can Find

Postby epevans12 » June 13th, 2017, 12:36 pm

Considering that Tekken 7 (T7) been out for nearly two weeks nationwide and no one here (unfortunately) bothered to create one, I decided to make this topic with the hope that some of you, with a great amount of free time or are simply feeling generous, will step up to provide some much needed support for those of us who can't get ranked matches or flat-out want to play multiple times with someone close to his/her skill level without being forced to participate in the wild card game known as ranked.

I understand that in the first week, many players typically bull rush rank in traditional fashion to reach the max cap or try to at least, while online was a bit of a mess. However, now that the patch has been released for the past few days, getting quality connections should be more common and after a month has past, that's when the majority of players move on.

Yet, those players who still have one foot in the door could be bought back fully, during this time, if there were more rooms with no arbitrary rules (basically, people kicking you for not allowing them to win or using a character they don't like) that they could play on a daily basis.

Almost every fighting game franchise has this problem where if you don't post in forums or have friends to play with, you are pretty much stuck playing rank or waiting for untold amount of minutes in rooms banking on someone arriving who won't just leave for good after one game, assuming it wasn't a rage quit.

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