Five videos for King users!

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Five videos for King users!

Postby jusful-doctor » June 11th, 2017, 9:31 am

Hi, I am Doctor from Japan. Now I am making videos with English and Japanese subtitles.
Allow me to introduce some of my works.

I have created 5 videos for King Strategies so far.
If you are using King, or thinking of using King,
these videos must be useful.

I hope you see and enjoy watching them.

The basic theory of King Step
While King Step(Crouch Dash), you can do many things.

The Introduction of Giant Swing Strategy
I am showing you how and when to do Giant Swing.
I used to be said, "Doctor's Giant Swing is not escapable."
I am happy to show you my tips.

Special Throws in King Step
From King Step, you can do Giant Swing, Tombstone, Tomahawk, or even Muscle Buster.

Special Throws from Stepping in
This one is very practical. You can learn and your rank will be higher.

Instant Shining Wizard
I am showing you how to practice Instant Shining Wizard.
Difficult it is, but you can be a better player.

Please enjoy them. I am happy if you guys put some comments or requests.
Thank you.

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