The Cons

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The Cons

Postby Yurishizu » June 9th, 2017, 7:09 am

Here you can write what you DONT like in Tekken 7.

My opinions:
-Story Mode is small and needs more episodes.
-Arcade Mode is useless with no video endings.
-Some old characters are missing for no reason.
-Jun & Jinpachi are important but missing too.
-Dont know who the Hachijo Clan members are.
-Eliza is hard to get especially to offline players.
-Hidden characters cant be unlocked anymore.
-Kuma & Panda are clones and dont need both.
-Akuma didnt transform to Oni but Shin Akuma.
-Devil Kazumi and Devil Kazuya arent available.
-Tekken Force/Scenario Campaign was more fun.
-A tutorial was needed to learn the new moves.
-Same joke items for many different characters.
-There isnt any option to turn off the Rage Arts.
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Re: The Cons

Postby Lili Fan » June 9th, 2017, 7:34 am

The lack of a Tekken Force or Scenario Campaign mode are the biggest cons for me, as well as the lack of Team Battle and Survival modes. There's just not enough offline content here. Some of these have staples since Tekken 2, so I wonder why they weren't added here.

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