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7/1/2017 TSP WANTS YOU!! to Defend The North

Posted: June 8th, 2017, 1:47 pm
by LoRdSaViOr
first off i wana thank 20/20 Kre8tivhaüS STüDiO for hosting us. with that being said you guys know how i do these things. Im hosting a tekken 7 tournament before Defend The North : and what better way to make sure the north is well defended than with TSP providing new tournament grounds.

Venue : $10

Tournament Entry : $10

Pot Split : 1st place 65% 2nd place 25% 3rd place 10%

Pot Bonus : Tournament winner will receive free entry into Defend the north. If the winner is a competitor OUTSIDE the nyc area they will receive FREE entry into a tournament of their choosing.

Spectator : $5 50% of spectator fee goes right into the POT. rounded up to the next dollar

Game : Tekken 7
System : Playstation 4

Tournament Format : Double Elimination

Streaming provided by :

Bring your own controller

2 out 3 matches except in Winners finals, Losers finals & grand finals matches

3 out of 5 rounds

please de sync your controller after you complete your match. if i have to remind you more than once i may have to disqualify you

more annoucements to come. they will be added here in the description as well as posted below. get ready for the next battle!!!